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Add sizzle to your site with Flash

Research shows that today’s consumer is exposed to literally thousands of messages every day. The media is all around us, your competition is shouting out loud, and you want to get your site noticed and your voice heard. The question is how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

It’s Showtime!

Well when it comes to web sites one very good answer is to add elements of Flash programming to your site. The eye is naturally attracted to moving images and the truth is that for visitors who are browsing sites that are animated keep their attention for longer.

Adding Flash animation is a way of hitting visitors right between the eyes the moment they land on your site. Whether you add a small flash feature to brighten up your existing site, or go for the full all-singing all-dancing no-holds-barred theatrical experience, Flash brings a bit of old-fashioned razzamatazz and showbiz that simply adds some sex and sizzle to your offering.

How, when and where should you use flash?

It’s possible to build an entire site in flash and if you’re in the sort of business that wants to attract the attention of a younger target market, or work in the leisure and entertainment sector, Flash can be quite literally a brilliant option.

However search engines don’t ‘read’ flash for optimisation purposes, so if you do business in a more mainstream sector we’d probably recommend a ‘less is more’ approach using flash to highlight specific elements of the site:

  • Animation of special offers, prices, or discounts
  • New product launches
  • Urgent or important news
  • The fact you’ve won awards
  • Video ‘stings’
  • Music

In fact video is an increasingly popular application as flash allows you to stream video through your site without needing to open a desktop media player. Flash is also a good way of adding music to a site using a flash MP3 player.

Make more impact in a flash!

Please excuse the cheesy headline but Agilecoms ltd has extensive experience of using flash to give you more impact, more cut-through and an overall better user experience that is more memorable and lasts longer.

As a full service Digital Agency we can show you examples that range from basic photo slideshows right through to a fully interactive CD-ROM database build for a department of the United Nations. We also have good expertise in programs that let you capture data through forms embedded into flash that display data you can edit yourself using an admin tool.

If you would like any further information about flash please don’t hesitate to call.

For the
technical people

Our Flash developers script our animations using the latest version of ActionScript and can intergrate both database content and streaming video into your flash animations. Our design process inludes storyboarding where appropriate and if you need a secure connection to a database driven system we can also develop in Microsoft Silverlight.

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